An evaluation of patient safety curriculum teaching for final year medical students.

Satabongkot Tangtong, MD, Koonlawadee Netsakkasem, MD

Phichit Medical Education Center.Phichit hospital


Importance:  World health organization (WHO) is focusing on patient safety issues and sets a goal to improve patient safety at all level of healthcare. Patient safety curriculum has been integrated in all course syllabus, to prepare medical students for safe practice in the workplace. However an evaluation of satisfaction and confidence in final year students has not been evaluated before graduation.

Objective: To evaluated satisfaction level in patient safety curriculum and to evaluated confidence about patient safety among final year medical students before their graduation.

Method:  A questionnaire was used to survey satisfaction level and confidence of final year medical students before their completion of training in patient safety curriculum. We rated satisfaction level by using 1-5 rating scale with 4-5 deemed satisfactory. 

Result: A total of 15 final year medical students completed the questionnaire. The mean confidence and understanding level in patient safety varied from 3.47 – 4.20. The most satisfied teaching technique was lecture using power point slides, group discussion, direct observation, and problem base learning.  Students rated their interest on each topic with “improving medical safety” as the most interesting one. 

Conclusion: The final year medical students had good confidence and satisfaction on patient safety teaching curriculum at our institution. However, more practice under supervision is required.

Keywords : patient safety , final year medical students ,satisfaction level